Hosseini Middle East Business Consultancy offers made-to-measure services to companies that want to do business in the Netherlands or the Middle East. Hosseini Middle East Business Consultancy knows how to establish and maintain business relationships, how to remove obstacles and can provide practical support. During a first interview we discuss your plans and discuss possible solutions. We offer an extensive range of services. For example: we could set up a meeting for you with a company in the Netherlands or in the Middle East and prepare or give a presentation in Persian or Dutch. We could also find out which permits you need to do business in either the Middle East or the Netherlands.


  • conducting market surveys
  • establishing and helping maintain contact with Dutch/Middle Eastern companies
  • organising business-to-business meetings
  • guiding business trips to Iran or the Netherlands
  • interpretation works Dutch-Persian or Persian-Dutch
  • translating presentations from Dutch to Persian or vice versa
  • making and or giving presentations in Dutch or Persian
  • planning and guiding trade missions
  • managing investment projects
  • investigating which permits are needed to set up business in the Middle East or the Netherlands
  • giving advice and support for the services mentioned above.

Feel free to contact us for extra information.